A Poem of Realizations

What is this looming crisis I sense ahead

Almost like, like I feel like I'm being misled.

But misled by who, by what, and where.

Oh my gosh this is more than I can bear.


My expectations are built, I made sure I took them from other people.

People I call family, friends, and strangers even.

I made it my mission I made it my goal,

To live out these expectations so I could be whole.


But what are expectations, is it something I'm supposed to do?

Who determines what I should achieve is it me or is it you?

See this is the crisis I mentioned earlier!

No identity for me and no real vernacular.

No understanding of self but deciding what I should do,

based on external reinforcement and not internal truths.


If only I could've...NO stop we're changing our mind!

What is it I want from life? It is me I need to find.

Now I get it, so I'm gonna move accordingly.

I'll reframe my expectations and live rewardingly.

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